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Since 1998, we have owned Australian Shepherds and thought that was the dog breed we would always have.  But, in early 2014, we decided that we wanted to get a more intimidating-looking dog to grow up with and protect our young children.  After a lot of research about different types of Shepherds, we decided to get a Shiloh Shepherd. 
We had the privilege of getting our first Shiloh Shepherd in 2014.  We quickly realized what a blessing she was and have continued to fall in love with this majestic breed ever since!
We would often see our first Shiloh, Amari, sitting outside, looking straight up into the sky.  When she passed away, we were so devastated.  But, we chose to do as she had done so frequently, to LOOK UP!
In 2019, we welcomed our second Shiloh into our family.  From the beginning, we realized that he was special and worked towards the formation of Look Up Shilohs.  
So, if we can encourage you to "Look Up," through sharing your life with one of these noble dogs, we would be delighted!
Psalm 121:1-2 "I will lift up my eyes... From where shall my help come?  My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven & earth."

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"Set your mind on the things above..."

Colossians 3:2

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